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Taylor Fagins

             was born and raised in Southern California, where “laid-back” and “chill” are lifestyle choices. He grew up with a love of music and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine for Drama. His acting career started in college, with well-known titles such as Little Women, Next To Normal, and Parade. Once he graduated, Taylor started his professional career by joining the casts of Violet (Chance Theatre, CA), Brad Knows Nothing (Theatre Row, NY), Hairspray (Oregon Shakespeare Festival, OR), and many others.


However, Taylor decided to use his gifts of storytelling and composition to become a playwright and start producing his own work. His most recent titles include LIVING: A Now Musical, Queen: A Wonderland Sequel, A Song., and I'M NOT A RACIST!.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic and the height of the Black Lives Matter Movement, his gift for songwriting served to spread healing and awareness with his latest singles we need more. and 8.28.20..

Taylor’s greatest goal is to tell the stories that are unheard and give a voice to those who are unseen. He feels blessed to meet the beautiful people that will help him move this vision forward at a time when the world really needs it the most.

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